Hi, I'm Rachel, founder of Sunfire Shop. 
I've always had a reverence for things. (or as my mom would say, I'm a pack rat.) I found that things had the ability to store memories, evoke feelings, and represent my identity in unique ways. As I got older, I found I especially love beautiful and old things that had a presence I could feel.
When I turned 16, my mom and I were visiting family friends who lived in rural Georgia where they homesteaded and owned an antique shop, so we made a stop by their store. I'd never been in an antique shop before and I remember being in awe.
I walked through the aisles of antique books, smelling the scent of history and ogling all the jewelry. Upon discovering I'd just had my birthday, they told me I could pick any one thing from the shop as my gift. I chose an Avon floral pendant necklace that I still have to this day.
After moving to Texas in 2014, my love of all things vintage and secondhand took off. Shopping at thrift stores and yard sales became my norm. Over time, the quirks and uniqueness of shopping vintage has helped me find my own sense of design and style amidst a world of mass production and daily changing trends.
Sunfire is my expression of love for the old, the different, and the beautiful. I gravitate towards gold and colorful, so a lot of what I stock in the shop inevitably checks those boxes, but I also have a deep appreciation for rustic design and organic materials and those always find their way into what I source.
In decorating a home, finding the pieces that speak to your soul helps enliven every nook and corner. My hope is that Sunfire will inspire you to find the small details that light up your space and in turn, illuminate your life.